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Meetings, Education and Conference Facilities in London

We've got a variety of spaces that are ideal for meetings, seminars and conferences. Whether you're meeting with some colleagues or delivering a presentation or workshop, we're sure Greenwich will serve you well.

Our most suitable facilities are our main hall, lecture theatre and seminar rooms. Our main hall and lecture theatre are both wide open spaces that can accommodate a high number of attendees, and provide a speaker with a platform to present on. The three seminar rooms are perfect for small team meetings. We can provide a whiteboard and TV screen, and we can provide you with a hot water urn for refreshments.

Meetings, Education and Conference Facilities in London

Dining Hall Hire in London

Seats 150-200 people for comfortable dining.

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Lecture Theatre Hire in London

Lecture theatre

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Main Hall in London

Spacious main hall for events and gatherings.

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Seminar Rooms in London

Seminar rooms perfect for meetings.

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